Thanksgiving Thoughts

me tom 300x225 Thanksgiving ThoughtsAs promised I collected pictures from the day. I thought I was going to unplug and I do from time to time do that when my boys ask me too, but last night I was self inducing my planned unplug but when I woke up this morning and was zipping around the kitchen I couldn’t hold back from pounding a few tweets out on my Mac. So I just went for it!  I saw a few of you out there too!!  Here is a picture journal of my day…

ryan tracy tom 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

The bird went into the oven about 8:00 am.  I did a stuffed breast this year and it was enormous.  Since we eat so much meat I am on a first name basis with the guys at the meat counter.  Franky took care of me.  I wanted a stuffed breast but didn’t want the traditional stuffing, I wanted the corn bread pecan cranberries stuffing as it is my father-in-laws favorite.  Franky made up exactly what I wanted and he seemed to have super sized my order too.  As he handed it to me yesterday he said “I think it’s a little larger then you requested, but it will be the best breast meat you’ve ever had!”  He was right.

london bridge 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

legos london bridge 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

Did I mention that my husband got the Lego London Bridge kit for us to work on this holiday season!  Well it got kicked off this morning.  While I was getting bird in oven and all the other pre prep stuff going the bags of pieces were opened.  YIKES!  4,287 little plastic pieces!!  We work as a team.  I”m the sorter and the piece finder when one can not be found.  The boys build.  My Lark was the lead builder today.  He was on a roll.  Since this kits was sooo big I pulled out as many cookie sheets as I could to contain the pieces.  In between turkey and sides prep I sorted pieces into like colors and saved the day a few times to find a critical piece.  LOL.  I can cook the bacon AND find the Lego pieces!

brownie sample 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

Like I helped with the Lego pieces my Lark was HAPPY to help sample the brownies that I had prepared for the Brownie sundae dessert which was a special request this year.  I had voted for Beef Tenderloin and got shot down but when they asked for Brownie sundaes I didn’t have much clout since I don’t eat dessert.  Oh well.  I understand aside from the stuffing the dessert was the BEST part of the meal.  More to come on desset.

lego london bridge part 1 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

As the London Bridge proceeded

tom is done 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

So did the bird.  Yummy! A good three hours and it was ready.  I gave it a good rest and continued on with my other sides.

My menu looked liked like this:


  • Butternut Squash and Pear tarts
  • Goat cheese and fig jam on crispy toasts

Main Course:

  •  Turkey breast stuffed with Corn bread, pecan, cranberry stuffing.  Of coursed dressed with bacon.
  • Garlic mashed potato
  • Glazed carrots
  • Sweet potato with pineapple
  • cranberry sauce
  • Gravy
  • Corn bread, rolls and butter


  • Brownie Sundaes with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, fudge sauce, Jimmies (chocolate sprinkles to you non New Englanders), Peppermint chips, homemade whipped cream and cherries!
  • of course coffee

goat cheese with fig jam 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

Here’s the only seven year old who I know who would request the goat cheese and fig jam appetizer.

tday table 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

before 150x150 Thanksgiving Thoughtsafter 150x150 Thanksgiving Thoughts

Dinner was yum.  I had a glass of wine too.  I sat and ate slowly, I have to say I don’t do that much and it was a luxury!

sundea bar 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

brownie sundae glee 300x225 Thanksgiving Thoughts

Oh the delight of the my Lark.

All in all I had a great day. I had a chance to cook leisurely. I love that. I was able to feed my favorite people. Since I can’t feed myself as much as I use to I still delight in feeding my family. Let me just say I am not a food pusher. Just wanted to clarify that. I ate one bite too many. Yeah we all know the feeling and I think the portion of dinner roll and wine put me in carb overload. I’ve been very low carb lately.
It was a great day. I hope all of you had the day you wanted.

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