My Tiny Tank and Weight Watchers

WW My Tiny Tank and Weight WatchersSo I’ve had a relationship with Weight Watchers most of my life.  Yup there are a lot of us out there with an on again off again relationship with this program.  I recently re-joined Weight Watchers again to help me be Accountable with my Weigh Ins.  Maintaining your weight loss means being controlled in a few ways. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Feel Deprived, I’ll Give You a Quest Bar

We just started our next Accountability Group.  I like to give prizes to these amazing friends who work so hard to change their lives in a positive way.  For 6 weeks they each work on one change they’d like to make in their lives.  This time I asked them what kind of prizes they’d like to motivate them. Guess what the number 1 prize request was? Continue Reading →

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There’s No Grazing in Maintenance

We’ve all been there. We can only eat a cup or slightly more of firm food at one sitting and someone has just served us an ENORMOUS plate of food. You may be at a restaurant or in a more difficult situation at a friend or family members house who just doesn’t know or get that you CAN’T eat that much any more. What do you do when you’re not at home with your portion control tools?

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