Our Day

I had the day off today, not a vacation day but a day where the office was closed.

No one else was there. I know, you’re thinking what is the difference. For some reason I always feel a little more at ease when no one else is working. Maybe it’s because I know there won’t be tons of emails in my box… well I guess India is working so there will be some. The world doesn’t stop anymore. But for today…

my Lark and I had the day off and we had NO PLANS. I did this on purpose. This was so we could decide what we wanted to do when the day came.

We started with our day pretty much at the same time we usually do since we needed to get Daddy out of the house, breakfast, lunch made etc. My Lark hit the video games which is typically a Saturday thing but he took advantage.

Me, I posted a new recipe on Sassy Girl Kitchen. Finally! I have not been giving Sassy Girl Kitchen much love lately. But I had posted this great yummy looking picture of this Shrimp & Vegetable Stir Fry I made a few weeks back and I got tons of feedback on it on Facebook and Twitter. Friends were like, I NEED THE RECIPE!!! Well, I finally got it out there. So check it out. And for those of you who didn’t know I had a recipe site, Sassy Girl Kitchen was actually the first site my husband and I created. It was back in 2006. I actually designed it in WordPress this past summer. It had previously been built with Joomla. I’m much happier with WordPress but just haven’t gotten the content back into to it the way I want it. It’s a work in progress.

My Tiny Tank has been my focus and I have no regrets. Blogging here has helped me so much this year. Thanks to everyone who is following. Those who comment and keep in touch with me on Facebook and Twitter. You all have made a huge difference to me this year.

So back to today’s festivities. My Lark’s decision (since it was his pick) was to hit the Lego Store. And you know he’s been saving his allowance so I knew he was going to be able to do some damage. I love taking him there and just let him roam the store for as long as he wishes. He touches/fondles every box and set. Talks to the Lego Associates discussing rare sets and all that Lego type stuff. His kind of day off.

We also went for an ice cream which was a planned reward. We’d been talking about it for a long time. My lark had carried through with a goal we had set and going out for ice cream was his reward of choice. We have a great Dairy near us and you can do ice cream, visit the cow and then play mini golf. We did it all!

Here are some pictures from the Day!

Ice Cream makes smiles!

The cows seemed pretty happy!

and as Ryan said we turned our “smellers” off

He was delighted to play mini golf.

He kept saying “it’s your swing Momma”

Each hole was a thrill, you can see the action shots here.

It was an awesome day!

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