Keep On Keep’n On

As some Mondays can be, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. See what I found in my bed today upon waking.


Like each morning my day begins with….. lunches. Since it was an “at home” workday for me there were only two lunches to be made.

20120305-174327.jpgBut as you can see the first thing I always make is my Iced Chai Tea Latte. I can’t start my day without some tea. I don’t drink coffee but I now understand those who can not start their day without there’s.

It was a pancake kind of morning. I really needed something special to get people moving. Although Daddy was already out the door My Lark and I had breakfast together. My Lark enjoyed his pancakes and I nursed my Iced Chai Tea Latte. I always have to wait a bit before I eat breakfast. I am so truly blessed to be able to be at home and have breakfast with my son most mornings.

20120305-174313.jpgThis morning ended up being busier than I thought when I realize it’s the last day of Online Math League which meant we had to get to school early. We were able to pull it off.
Lots of extra curricular activities today for the boy. He had Lego class after school and I had to help set up for our schools Technology Night.

20120305-174339.jpgOur school system is in dire need of updated technology in our elementary schools. We are trying not only to raise awareness but money for technology. Our schools are not up to par with the other communities that funnel into our High School. No wireless Internet. Can you imagine working with no Wireless Internet in your work place. Our Technology Committee is made up of teachers and parents trying to get teachers the technology resources they need to prepare children for using technology in school and in the world. Sorry got off on a tangent there.

I had an entire day of work myself today. I love being able to work from home. I get so much done above and beyond my conference calls, I am able to produce so much more being in an office by myself.

I also find it easy to get my workout in. Today I tried my Nike + again. I’ve had it for a while. Had the Nike shoes previously. But today I used my Bean Pod since I don’t have Nike’s now. The Bean Pod worked great. Here’s what my run looked like. Since it was my first run with the Nike+, the calibration seemed off until after my workout. The thirty minutes includes my warm up and cool down. I didn’t have as much time as I wanted today due to other work meetings I had after lunch. But I was happy to get a run in. I watched some of my favorite YouTube ladies while I ran. It’s become my thing when I run to get caught up with my ladies!! BandedWendy, CabernetQueen, GastricRose, losingitwithrebecca.

This Monday also brought us to our last Accountability Mondays session. This was the last of 6 weeks and it was a great way to work on changing a habit. A new series begins on March 12th. Our last call went well and each person plans to continue on to the next series. I have a few new people ready to join us. In the next session each of us will select a new goal for the 6 week series. If you need to make a habit change this is a great series. Ask Tiny Tank if you’d like to join us. You along with other weight loss surgery people trying to make changes can support each other. It really makes it easier. Let me know if you’d like to join our next Accountability Mondays series starting March 12.

So now the afternoon and I need to figure out how I will get dinner ready before I head out to setup for the Technology Night. I decided to throw together some stir fry vegetables and I put some roasted potatoes in the oven. Sorry no pick of the delicious potatoes.

I got this made before I ran off to setup and then ran to get my Lark at Lego class. OMG….pant, pant, pant. I should have kept that Nike+ thing on to record the mileage I covered today.  I always love to take a picture of  the creations he makes in this Lego class.  It was a super vehicle today!  We wrapped it up and got home for dinner.


Believe it or not we were able to have a nice dinner together. I included with the stir fry vegetables some grilled chicken I had left over from yesterday. By the way, I ate some grilled chicken breast this week and it destroyed my tiny tank!!! Yes after 11 years I still can not eat grilled chicken breast. It is a caution food for me. My stomach was in knots for days. I actually had to do two days of liquids in order to get it happy again. I know I can’t eat grilled chicken breast!!! It was my own fault.

Homework and a bit of blogging after dinner and then I was off to the Technology night. I couldn’t convince the boys to come with me. When I got back from the Technology night I found my boys watching the remainder of the Attack of the Clones!!! My favorite Star Wars movie. We watched it together to the end.

Ahh a busy yet great day. I just keep on keep’n on.




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