Chowda and the Milky Way

We all had the day off today and my husband planned a day for us in the city.  He purchased tickets for the Omni Theater  and Planetarium show all at the Science Museum in Boston.  We were all delighted for this out of the ordinary day.  It is school vacation week and the boys will both be off together this week.  Me, I’m working so my husband thought we should at least do one family day.  And what a day it was….

We had lunch at the Legal Harborside restaurant.  If you’ve been reading my blog you know we couldn’t stay away from this restaurant this summer as it has awesome outside seating.  We hadn’t been in a while but we went today an although we did not sit on porch we had a great lunch!  It was a bit nippy for the waterside porch, although when we arrived I did ask for outside seating and the hostess looked me funny.


If you’ve been to Boston and you haven’t had Legal Seafood clam chowda, shame on you.  It is the best!  My Lark always has chowda.  He is an eater and not your typical 7 year old when it comes to food.  Bring on the chowda!!  I had some chowder too.


In fact it is one of those things that has always worked for me.  The only thing is after a cup of chowda, I can’t eat much more.  My husband forgot to remind me so I also ordered the shrimp cocktail, one of my other go to foods.  And in the end he ended up enjoying the shrimp along with his meal because my tiny tank was satisfied with the chowda.  Oooops!  Eyes still bigger then the belly.


Typically I’ll get the shrimp cocktail as my meal.  This time I remembered to have them serve it with the sauce on the side.  This was my signature meal this summer when we came.  I recall capturing a great picture of this meal in my Out to Lunch post from August this summer.  I love how they serve it with a cucumber slice too.

Now one thing you might not know about me is that I met my husband on a blind at a Legal Seafood restaurant closer to home.  Yup, blind date…. met the love of my life…. a mere 8 months after I had weight loss surgery.  I hadn’t even lost all my weight at that point.  Ahh there’s a story for another time.

In an effort to take more pictures of ME, my son has become a budding photographer and took the opportunity to capture Matt and I at lunch.  And I must say, not a bad job.  I like this picture.  It will be ten years this summer since we were married and I am still crazy about the guy.  Can you tell!?


Lunch was great and we moved across town to the Science Museum for our theater events.  Before the theater we perused the gift shop and I came across an interesting book.   What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.  This book captures the daily intake of different people all over the world from different cultures.  It has nice photographs of those people in their element and displays what they eat in a day.  It sounds like a strange book but both my husband and I were engrossed in it.  We decided we would buy it online at Amazon.  It chronicled the people in order of their daily calorie count which I was comfortable with in a sort of  symmetrical way.  It all made sense to me.  It even had a page for a man preparing for weight loss surgery and a young girl attending a weight loss camp.  But this wasn’t a book about people dieting… it was about their diets.  How they nourished their bodies in a day.  Whether is was a cattle herder from South Africa, a friar in an Italian monastery or a man preparing for weight loss surgery.  I haven’t even read this book and I am raving about it.  I can’t wait to order it.


Soon it was time for us to get to the theater.  The first presentation we saw was a movie about Dolphins in the Mugar Omni Theater.  Have you seen an Omni theater? It is a concave screen and the theater seating is very steep.  It creating a view of the film beyond your peripheral vision so you actually feel like you are in  he picture.  Really neat concept and I was so excited to share it with my Lark.  I had gone to this theater as a young child (and my husband too) and we both had fond memories of it and we were ecstatic about sharing it with him.


I have to say, one thins I still  think about each time I am in a theater is how uncomfortable I use to be as an overweight person in a theater.  About how I felt self conscious about how I spilt out of most seats and felt bad for the person sitting next to me.  I don’t experience that anymore, but I do think about it.  Especially when I am in very public places and I can see people who resemble how I once was.  I always think “I know that girl.”  Because I do, I was once her.  I still associate with that person very much.

One thing I learned after loosing a dramatic amount of weight was how people now noticed me.  Yes, they actually looked at me.  When you are overweight people don’t look at you directly unless they have to.  I mean like when you are in an elevator or passing on the street.  Eye contact is averted at all costs.  I realized this once I lost weight because I was so uncomfortable with people looking at me.  I had to seek some therapy for this as I was getting anxiety attacks.  Once I understood what was happening the anxiety subsided.  But think about this next time you come across a very overweight person.  Is it easy to look at this person? or do you feel like you want to look away?… think about it.  I now know how it made me feel as an overweight person.  I just never knew it.  Today I am very mindful to not only smile at the handsome gentleman in the elevator but also “that girl”  why? because I know how she feels.

The dolphin show was great.  It had a great sound track and visions of warm tropical weather which was a nice escape during these winter months…. where are my flip flops!

We were soon on to the planetarium for a live presentation about the universe!!  We had some time to wait and there were kiosks to learn about each planet in our solar system in the waiting area.  Lots of things to touch, see and listen to.


Hello Earth!

The planetarium was dark and the chairs reclined. I must say after a long day I was ready for a snooze and I did nod off a few times.  Especially because I couldn’t quite keep up with the presentation due to my neck.  Still a bit weird when I turn it so many times I just listened and closed my eyes and enjoyed the comfy chair.  I’m getting old.  Ha!  My Lark loved the show and there were TONS of questions during and after the show.  Thank goodness my husband was sitting next to him in the show because I really don’t know what a black hole is and I’d rather pass that question off to his father who knows the answer to every question the Lark asks.


Have you noticed my signature scarf!? I am never without one from October to April!!

The day was a huge success.  Great learning, bonding and appreciation for each other.  What more could a parent ask for.


Well I’ve been a chatty Cathy today, and I am back to work tomorrow.  We did have our Accountability Monday call today and we are more then half way through our 6 week session.  Lots of habits being changed, everyone is doing a great job!

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4 Responses to Chowda and the Milky Way

  1. Andrea February 20, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Holly February 21, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    I loved this post. You did such a great job of describing it that I felt like I was there! The shrimp is my go to food as well and you said they put cucumber with it. I don’t know what my deal is but I’ve been mildly obsessed with cucumbers since I has the surgery lol. I don’t know why! I never liked them before. And describing the experience of being the invisible fat person. Soooo true. Thanks for adding this because it is exactly my experience too.

    • my tiny tank February 21, 2012 at 1:03 am #

      I was obsessed with cottage cheese and cucumbers after wls LOL!!
      Also a couple of sweet pickles alway help me if I need something sweet.

  3. Christina February 23, 2012 at 7:11 am #

    I miss legal seafood! Actually I miss seafood in general.. it’s not the same down here and holy smokes it’s expensive!

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