Six Week Accountability Group: Jan 17 – Feb 27

We will kick off our next Accountability group starting next week on Saturday Jan 17th it will conclude on Friday Feb 27th.  This is a group that works daily in a Closed Facebook group.

Come join us and participate in a 6 week, friendly, active, support group.

 A Facebook support group that helps you discover what your personal challenges are in your healthy journey.

Anyone is welcome to join us. We welcome all friends who want to be healthy to join us!

Starting Saturday, January 17, 2014 a group of weight loss friends will start off on a journey to teach and support each other.

The challenges in any weight loss journey cover much more than how much weight we can lose or have lost or want to lose.  In the Accountability Group we will work towards transforming our lives.  We will focus on things like

  • accountability,
  • our eating habits,
  • our food choices,
  • our lifestyles,
  • our relationships
  • and our attitudes
  • and learning to LOVE ourselves.

As part of this program we will ask each of you to select ONE goal to work towards.

Your goal does not need to be a weight related goal.  It can be any change that you want to make in your life.  It should be a change that you could use some support and motivation towards.  You do not need to reveal your goal unless you chose to.  But we encourage you to share your goal with at least one of your group members.  Sharing will make your probability of change higher.

You will be a part of an online  Secret Facebook group.  This group will be private and not available to anyone not participating in this 6 week program.  After you register and before the start day you will be invited to the Secret group.

The program participants will be formed into  smaller groups prior to the start day.  Each group will have up to 15 participants.

You will have a chance to meet all participants and develop friendships with weight loss friends by sharing your struggles and successes.  Its amazing how our experiences, when shared, can inspire others.  We are students and teachers supporting each other.

As a participant you will be asked to comment everyday in the secret group (My Tiny Tank Accountability Group) under your group leader’s daily post.  By commenting everyday of the 6 week session, you will become eligible for the CASH prize  at the end of the 6 weeks.

Each group will have a leader.  The leader role will be to present a Topic each day, track the groups participation and monitor participants involvement, motivating as needed.  Any questions about how to comment daily should be directed towards your leader.  You will be assigned a group and leader after you register and no later than before the start date.

There will be daily topics presented by the leaders which you will be asked to comment on.  You must comment on your leaders topic each day and are welcome to post on any other topic as well.  (psst This is how you stay eligible for the prize. You must comment daily on your leaders topic to be eligible)  The topics will covers subjects like food addiction, transfer addiction, emotions, situations concerning relationships including food, friends, family.  We will discuss putting yourself first, finding balance in your life and dealing with jealousy, social anxiety, body dysmorphia and family issues.

You will be asked to track your behavior during the 6 weeks. Food intake, exercise/movement and feelings.  You can chose the way you track.   Chose a manner that works best for you, whether it is photographing your food, using an online app like My Fitness Pal or tracking in a paper journal.  This is your journey, you choose.  Tracking your behavior is for your sole purpose.  You will learn from it.  It is not a requirement for eligibility for the end of program prize.

The cost of the 6 week program will be $10.99 per participant.

Sign up by using this paypal button below.

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