Keeping things simple

It’s been a while but one thing I know about me is that I never give up. The winter took a good chunk out of my motivation to be my best me. Resulting in some weight gain and maybe even some depression which was not diagnosed but not something I want to experience again.

Pulled myself up with the help and love of God and my boys. Last week met with a nutritionist and I’ve started a short term weight loss program.

Up front honest and in the clear view on my fitness pal working within the box of the program.

Believe it or not I’m not a good rule follower. Don’t tell Ryan that but yup I think about how to break the rules.

Today I’m following a program because I choose to make a change. A little different. I try to remind myself it doesn’t make any sense to break a commitment to myself.

So I’m on my way. A little battered. But pulling out of the snow and into the sunshine.

When will I finally be able to put the top down?!  It will help.

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